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It was late by the fires of the gypsy camp, the elders were sitting by and telling the children the stories of times long gone in the history of the tribe, and of those who stand guard over the Romani people as they traveled.  Sitting near them listening were a pair of figures, obscured slightly by the shadows letting them wrap the pair up in a blanket.  This description was very close to the truth, as  they were indeed a close pair, sworn to each other by word and deed and by the exchange of blood.  They were more than family, more than companions, they were each other.  This was the depths of their passions as the man held his lady with his arms around her waist.  Ebon hair cascaded loose over his crimson shirt, loose over his form as the people of the camp liked to wear them.  And resting against him obscuring him from the waist down was a woman with hair like spun gold with beads of actual dulled silver ornimenting it as it flowed down over her shoulders, which were bare due to the pale cream top she wore, and the skirt of red and brown hanging from her waist.  The adornments opon her did not stop there as she wore bells and coins about her wrists and waist,  even to the ankles just above her bare feet.  

The peace of these two were broken by one of the elders, who gave a laugh as one of the younger children spoke of his passions for a girl close to his age.  "Young Mikhail, you speak of the love that exists between the young, that passes between you as we pass between the mountains.  Now those two there, they understand the depths of love."  He turned toward them now and his wrinkled face smiled, eyes twinkling with life beyond his years.  "Marika, you and your man have traveled with each other to lands outside our own, fought down those who would seek to destroy you, individually and collectively.  Surely you can instruct this boy as to what true passions are."

The man tightened his arms slightly around the woman's waist, a tender squeeze of caring, before letting his hands fall away as she stood, giving her reply.  "Dah, I believe that such a lesson could be in order.  But for that, we must call up from the earth the fire and make it burn hot, hotter than the blood in your veins, hotter than the spirit within."  Golden eyes flickered in the flames as she moved forward  with cat-like grace, her skin almost abnormally pale, and as she stepped around the fires they began to grow higher and brighter.   More of the camp gathered around now as they whispered and smiled, knowing exactly what the woman was to be about.  "The fires need to burn at such a pitch that only one other can meet them within me.  Does the Dragon think he can tempt forth his Phoenix once more?"  The tone bore a hint of teasing, and the spur of action beneath it.

It would be action she recieved as the man stood and let his features be seen, more European to her Romani complexion, his emerald eyes bearing the barest hint of a slit instead of a pupil as he grasped from the wagon they'd been sitting near a guitar.  "Dearest beloved, I believe we will instruct him better as I speak the words, and you show him how it is to be."  Leaning back against the  wagon he let the fire reflect off his eyes as he began to play, and from all around them could be more felt than heard an accompanyment, and his voice moved the listeners and took flight from his throat.

"Like a gift from the heavens it was easy to tell it was love from above that could save me from hell. She had fire in her soul, it was easy to see how the devil himself could be pulled out of me. There were drums in the air as she started to dance, every soul in the room keeping time with there hands."

With each word he uttered forth, the Romani woman's feet began to move, slowly at first in an almost ritualistic fashion.  The bells and coins about her assisted in the accompanyment before her pace quickened, molten light showering her form as the fires sparked with spins and twists of her form.  She contorted in maners no human was meant to move but for her they were second nature.  Briefely she approached the boy and the soul within him was easily swayed into compliance as he was slowly drawn to his feet, only to be pressed back down to his seat with her palm to his chest.

The crowd drew in tighter as the man continued his song, and by his prompting they sang with him with one voice, with his breaking between "And we sang… Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay, and the voices rang like the angels sing, and singing… Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay, and we danced on into the night.  Ay oh ay oh, Ay oh ay oh, and we danced on into the night..."

More musicians began to join in now and it allowed the singer the freedom to let go of his instrument and move into the fire's glow more, the shirt opon his chest gleaming with golden flecks previously unseen, reflecting as scales opon him as he paced the dancer, serpentlike in his way letting the song flow.  His target was clear as the words fell into place, gold and green locked in.  It was now as the boy observed them that he could see something there between them, invisible yet tangible.  Arms moved as wings as the woman spun in the dirt, her bare feet kicking up embers of the fire to cause them to take flight, while the serpent movements of the singer took her into a hypnotic trance.  It was then that the words added to his entrancement.

"Like a piece to the puzzle that falls into place, you could tell how we felt from the look on our faces.  We was spinning in circles with the moon in our eyes, no room left to move in between you and I.  We forgot where we were and we lost track of time and we sang to the wind as we danced through the night."

Like the words he sang, the pair drew closer, serpent and avian moving as one.  Her hands carressed over the chest of the male while his slipped over and around her arms.  The heat from them was even stronger than the fire beside them, and as impossible as it seemed the fires were even taller than the dancers, acting as the volume of both the song being spun, but the guage of the flames within both of them growing hotter and stronger.  The back of the woman's shirt began to be drawn down, showing hints of a phoenix tatoo opon her back.  The boy continued to watch and for a moment he swore he saw the eye of the painting wink at him, before being lost too the fire's flickering shadows.  With one voice the pair continued their flirtations with the crowd of the camp aiding them.

"And we sang… Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay, and the voices rang like the angels sing, and singing… Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay, and we danced on into the night.  Ay oh ay oh, Ay oh ay oh, and we danced on into the night. Ay oh ay oh, Ay oh ay oh, and we danced on into the night..."

Faster now they began to spin and twist, grasping each other and letting there be little in the way of separation between their forms.  One could tell just by watching how they complimented themselves that this was no new trick, but a well practiced artform, an expression of love and an obvious flirtation for them both.  Whoops and cries of encouragement came from those around them as the fire silouetted their forms, those watching them through the fire wondering at times if there was only one being present before a second arm or leg would break the illusion.  Others would occasionally seem to see a feather fall or a tail flicker behind the form  only to assume it was only the light of the flames or a trick of the heat to cause this phantom thought.  But even as it seemed like the two would litterally explode, they came to a near stop, barely moving as the male took the moment to speak once more in light tones, their movements beginning to pick up again as the verse proceded.

"Like a gift from the heavens it was easy to tell it was love from above that could save me from hell. She had fire in her soul it was easy to see how the devil himself could be pulled out of me. There were drums in the air as she started to dance, every soul in the room keeping time with there hands."

Her lip curled in a grin and his own flashed a smile and the two began to almost meld into one as they spun about, the crowd picking  up the chant.  "And we sang… Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay, and the voices rang like the angels sing, and singing… Ay oh ay oh ay oh ay, and  we danced on into the night.  Ay oh ay oh, Ay oh ay oh, and we danced on into the night. Ay oh ay oh, Ay oh ay oh, and we danced on  into the night..."

It was then that out of no where the pair litterally pulled each other into the core of the fire, fully bathing each other in the molten sun of artifical light.  Some of the women gasped at this, fearing that the pair were trying to set themselves a funeral pryer, but they relaxed as the pair could clearly be seen continuing to dance and forming nearly as one.  Now there was no mistaking the reflection of scales opon what could only be the male, and the change of the woman's shirt to feathers moving with ease.   Suddenly, the fire was extinguished, and out of the heavy smoke two forms seemed to move skyward; a dragon, snake-like and  magnificent, and a phoenix, her wings bright and fluttering.  The beings entwined with each other moving upwards toward the heavens, growing more and more luminsecent and transparent, before rejoining the stars in the sky in the forms of constallations above them.

"Now, Mikhail..." the hushed voice of the Elder broke the silence.  "When a woman does to you, what they did to each other... you will know to make her yours."

In the distance from the camp, a figure slipped from behind a tree and whispered.  "Times never change, Marika..."

Another fom joined the first, her arm around his shoulders as she nodded.  "Nyet, Johnathan.  Times do change, but for our kind we rarely notice."

Johnathan wrapped an arm around Marika's waist and gave a small chuckle.  "Hai, you're right.  Sometimes I forget when we spend time with your kumpani."  He glanced skyward and saw the lack of moonlight which only enhanced the show they had just put on.  "My sign is in the sky, beloved.  Let us find Talamaur and hunt, so we may be there when our son awakens."

Marika nodded pulling her beloved toward her, letting her lips press to his for a moment, before her fang intentionally cut his lip allowing a small amount of vitae to flow.  Licking it away she couldn't help but laugh slightly.  "You raise the passions in me as no other, Johnathan.  Let this never change."

His reply was simple enough, her form blending with his as he returned her simple peck with a kiss that seared his brand to her soul once more.  Once his conquest of her heart was complete for the night, the pair of vampires slipped into the darkness to hunt, and revel in the night as only two of their kind can... then to rest as only two whom love each other can, dancing on into the night.
Do you think you understand love? Do you know what passion means? Then step to the Gypsy Fires and prove it, or be taken into the sway of two who do.

Marika copyright :iconlacolombededeuil:, used with permission

"Into the Night" lyrics copyright Arista Records, written by Chad Kroeger, produced by Carlos Santana, all rights reserved.
wizillusions Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2009  Hobbyist Writer

Wonderfully written piece. One can sense the influence of the Angel of Romance upon your work.
Obsidian-Siren Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009
:iconrizikleo: *nods in understanding* I am here, in the mist and veils of time. Watching, ever waiting for such a time as this. Call my name and know my allegiance is with those of my heart.

My comment rests on *LaColombeDeDeuil journal.
LaColombeDeDeuil Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009  Professional General Artist

"My dearest, you do no mere unjustice with this song you have sung. How great is the passion that is spun between the true phoenix and her only one. Dah tis true only you can raise he to those heights, take me, make me, again and again thine 's only this night. Waltz me, dance with me in the heat of our own fires of our mutual bonding, and we shall walk through eternity as lovers for others to watch and learn desires from.But know this my fare Dragon, lest ye nae be warned, I bear the claws of a great panther, black as the shadows, and if there should some female come to thee, ye shall find only her necklace round the neck of Talamaur as a souvenir for thee. Dah I speak the truth neyt?" golden eyes sparked as silks sheer blew around the porcelain fine skin flawless from her centuries of years, and she turned from him and with a look ore her shoulder as she did, bells chimed around ankles, coins jingled around hips gracefully swayed, Marika was and always would be his.

I adore you my Sean, my friend, my truest heart.
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